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Black Obsidian Crystal Skull

Black Obsidian Crystal Skull

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Our mesmerizing hand-carved Obsidian Skull, echoes "Touch of Grey" meets the mystique of mineral magic. This gleaming black obsidian skull isn't just a symbol of the eternal Grateful Dead allure; it's a portal to the profound, a reminder to truck on through the shadows with a touch of style and spirituality.

Channel your inner Deadhead and let this obsidian treasure guide your journey. Whether it's accompanying you during those deep album dives or sitting quietly by, it promises to add a hint of rock 'n' roll wisdom and a dash of protective energy to your space. A true collector's gem, it’s perfect for anyone who loves a touch of the mysterious mixed with a beat of the classic Dead.

Width: 50 millimeters
Height: 55 millimeters
Depth: 70 millimeters
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