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Dogphora Detox Diva Facial Cleanser - Botanical Blend for Dog's Skin & Coat

Dogphora Detox Diva Facial Cleanser - Botanical Blend for Dog's Skin & Coat

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Introducing the Dogphora Detox Diva Facial Cleanser - a sophisticated botanical blend meticulously crafted to elevate your dog's grooming routine to a new level of opulence and revitalization. This exceptional facial cleanser transcends the ordinary, offering a luxuriously purifying experience for your beloved canine companion. 

🌿 Embrace the power of nature with a divine blend of botanicals, including the exquisite Coconut, to infuse your dog's fur with unparalleled hydration. This meticulously curated blend not only detoxifies your dog's skin and coat but also eliminates dirt and tear stains with gentle efficiency.

🐶 Experience a cleansing ritual like no other that pampers and nourishes, leaving your furry diva's coat remarkably soft, smooth, and radiant. The luxurious formula absorbs excess oils, impurities, and toxins, invigorating lacklustre coats to reveal a newfound luminosity.

🌟 Unveil the secret to an exceptional grooming regimen with this all-natural, hypoallergenic facial cleanser that exudes sophistication and care. Safe for all dog types, this exceptional product is tailor-made to bring out the inner diva in your furry friend.

💫 Elevate your dog's grooming routine with Dogphora Detox Diva Facial Cleanser - where purity, luxury, and rejuvenation converge to create an unparalleled grooming experience worthy of your canine royalty. Go beyond the mundane and indulge your furry companion with the essence of botanical brilliance and the promise of a divinely cleansed, fresh, and odour-free coat.

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