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Mix Cocktail Hour Margarita Kit

Mix Cocktail Hour Margarita Kit

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Fulfilled by our friends at CraftShack Liquor Store

Elevate your cocktail repertoire with our curated Tequila Kit.

Step into the world of authentic tequila cocktails. In this box, you will explore different margarita slings and how each one can differ depending on the style. You will experience bright and refreshing cocktails to smooth and velvety mouthfeel. Each tequila is hand picked by one of our master mixologist!

Inside this premium set, you'll find:

  • A selection of seven distinct 50ML Tequila bottles, each radiating a unique essence.
  • A 50ML bottle of Triple Sec to add that citrusy kick.
  • A medley of dried fruit, providing a textured garnish to your drink.
  • Dehydrated lime powder: a blast of tang every margarita must have. 
  • A sprinkle of Tajin, adding a spicy zing to elevate your concoction.

Are you ready to transform your mixology skills? Dive into a world of tequila like never before.

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