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Owl 3 Speed Lightweight 20 Inch Kids Bike

Owl 3 Speed Lightweight 20 Inch Kids Bike

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OWL 20” THREE SPEED AGE: 5-7 WHEEL: 20" INSEAM: 19"-23"

The magic of two-wheeled adventure is built straight into every component of the Owl 3 speed 20 inch kids bike.

If your early-grade-school adventurer is ready for their first foray into the excitement of shifting, it starts with the Owl. Comes with two tire options:

LT Tire - light all-terrain tire with semi-aggressive tread, suitable for pavement and trails

Standard Tire - low profile tire best suited for urban settings and hardpack dirt

The internally geared Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub is activated by a buttery smooth Sturmey Archer trigger shifter. We built this bike around this drivetrain to take your explorer higher and further every time. The Owl 3 Speed’s shifting mechanism is encased in an aluminum shell inside the rear hub so it will shift smoothly with no maintenance for thousands of miles. Speed and acceleration are no problem with the 127mm alloy 3 piece cranks. Too fast too soon? The Owl stops on a dime thanks to the super strong Tektro junior v-brakes.

Stock up on snacks. Your child will ride longer and faster on the Owl 3 Speed.

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