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Selenite Zodiac Wheel Charging Plate: Cosmic Energy, Earthly Beauty

Selenite Zodiac Wheel Charging Plate: Cosmic Energy, Earthly Beauty

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Elevate your crystal healing practices with the ethereal charm of our Selenite Zodiac Wheel Charging Plate. Expertly engraved with the mystic symbols of the zodiac and a captivating mandala design, this selenite disc is not just a tool, but a portal to the celestial energies. Designed to align and enhance your crystals’ energies, this charging station is a must-have for anyone looking to deepen their connection with the cosmos.

The natural purity of selenite serves as the perfect backdrop for the intricately detailed astrological chart, making it a striking centerpiece in any space. Whether you’re a seasoned astrologer or a novice in crystal healing, this plate promises to harmonize your energies and amplify your intentions.

Harness the power of the stars with each use. Let this Selenite Zodiac Wheel guide your crystals in absorbing celestial vibrations, fostering balance and clarity in your spiritual journey. A perfect blend of beauty and functionality, it’s more than just a charging plate—it’s a gateway to the universe.

* Dimensions: 10x10x2cm approximately
* 100% natural polished Selenite
* Excellent engraving quality
* Handmade and engraved in house
* Ethically sourced crystals

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