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The Survival Beard Care Kit - The Shave Cream, The Jackpot, The Beard, & The Tonic

The Survival Beard Care Kit - The Shave Cream, The Jackpot, The Beard, & The Tonic

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The Jackpot is an anti-aging formula specifically made for men. It rejuvenates your hair while nourishing your scalp.

Calming formula provides cooling relief post-shave. Reduce ingrown hairs and redness for smooth, clear skin.

Makes your beard more soft, touchable, and rejuvenates your skin. Forget the hassle of early stage itchiness, replenish skin’s moisture with Sea Kelp Ferment and other soothing ingredients. Lead your pack with richer, more lustrous facial hair, worthy of a gentleman, scholar or rogue.

A close shave with NO irritation. The Shave Cream from Tombstone for Men gives you that close shave you have been looking for, leaving your skin in better condition than before the shave, thanks to the nourishing active ingredients. It will not leave your skin with that tight, dry feeling you get with store bought shaving lotions.  It will sooth irritated skin and help alleviate razor burn and red bumps. Works great on face, neck and head.
Reduces razor burn and red bumps post shave
Nourishes and hydrates to reduce dry, tight skin
Antioxidants help fight free radicals to keep skin looking younger

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