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Heal Your Ancestral Roots By Anuradha Dayal-Gulati

Heal Your Ancestral Roots By Anuradha Dayal-Gulati

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A practical guide to releasing the burden of transgenerational legacies and reclaiming your power to create the life you want.

Explores the principles that govern your family energy field and the many ways this ancestral field can support you as well as how it can hold you captive.

Provides exercises and tools to help you recognize and release negative family patterns and heal ancestral trauma.

Discusses the importance of honoring your ancestors, sharing suggestions about altar creation, prayers, and the Vedic ritual of Tarpanam.

Many people find themselves feeling stuck, unable to reach their goals. The same problems keep showing up in jobs and relationships no matter how much they try to make changes and overcome obstacles. What if the patterns that repeat in your life and relationships didn't originate with you? The source of your challenges could be rooted in ancestral trauma calling out to be healed.

Rendering loop-subscriptions
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