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All-Natural Beef Bully Stick Dog Treats 12" Standard 4 Pack

All-Natural Beef Bully Stick Dog Treats 12" Standard 4 Pack

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Fulfilled by our friends at American Pet Supplies

Our premium 12-inch Standard Bully Sticks are made exclusively from 100% bull pizzle, these high-quality sticks come in convenient 25-packs and are ethically sourced to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare. Our all-natural beef treats are highly nutritious, rich in protein, and low in fat. With a weight range of 25g to 50g, they're perfect for dogs of all breeds and ages.

Key features of our Bully Sticks:
・100% Natural and Single Ingredient
・Sourced from 100% Grass-fed Beef
・Naturally Odor Free
・Chemical and Preservative Free
・Promotes Dental Health
・Supports Joint and Bone Health
・High Protein, Low Fat
・100% Digestible
・Long-lasting and Entertaining

Our Bully Sticks are hand-inspected one by one, ensuring that your pup receives only the healthiest and most delicious treats. Processed in an FDA/USDA compliant facility in Turkey, we guarantee the highest quality standards. We take pride in never using antibiotics or added hormones in our production process.
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