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All-Natural Bully Bites/ Nuggets 2-4" 1lb

All-Natural Bully Bites/ Nuggets 2-4" 1lb

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Fulfilled by our friends at American Pet Supplies

Introducing our Bully Bites, the perfect treat for smaller dogs who love the taste and quality of our traditional Bully Sticks! Made exclusively from 100% beef pizzle and sourced from premium beef, our Bully Bites are crafted with the same care and dedication to quality as our full-size treats.

These bite-sized delights come in 2-4" pieces, making them an ideal snack for smaller dogs or a quick treat for larger dogs. Just like our traditional Bully Sticks, our Bully Bites are:

・100% Natural and Single Ingredient

・Sourced from Premium Beef

・High Protein, Low Fat

・100% Digestible

・Great for Dental Health

・Supports Joint and Bone Health

Our Bully Bites provide the same tasty, nutritious, and long-lasting experience as our traditional Bully Sticks, but in a smaller, more manageable size that's perfect for petite pups or for pet parents who want to offer a quick reward.
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