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Cow Corduroy Plush Squeaking Dog Chew Toy

Cow Corduroy Plush Squeaking Dog Chew Toy

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Fulfilled by our friends at American Pet Supplies

Unveiling our latest innovation in pet play: the Cow Corduroy Plush and Thermoplastic Rubber Dog Toy. Perfectly crafted for dogs who relish robust play, this toy combines the soft allure of corduroy with the resilience of thermoplastic rubber.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Play: The standout feature of this toy is its clear rubber protrusions, meticulously designed for dogs that love an extra challenge. These rubber elements not only endure vigorous play but also gently massage your pet’s gums, adding a healthful twist to their fun.

Multi-Sensory Experience: At the heart of this toy is a corduroy body, lovingly stuffed with a mix of materials including crinkle paper and a squeaker. This combination ensures a rich, multi-sensory experience, keeping your dog engaged and entertained. The added squeaker is perfect for piquing their curiosity and keeping them playing longer.

Eye-Catching and Quirky: Our Cow Corduroy Toy doesn't just excel in functionality; it's also a visual treat. Adorned in bright colors and quirky designs, it’s a charming addition to any dog’s toy collection and a sure hit for pet parents looking for something unique.

Product Details:

  • Size: 15.5" x 5.5" x 4"
  • Ideal for all dog sizes

This toy is more than just a plaything; it's a testament to fun and durability. It's an exceptional choice for dog owners who want to give their furry friends a toy that's as engaging as it is long-lasting. Perfect for both playtime and as a comforting companion, this Cow Corduroy Toy is sure to become your dog’s new favorite.

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