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Blu Agave Bougie Stick

Blu Agave Bougie Stick

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We've got what you need at Oliver Fragrance Co. Introducing the Bougie Stick.

Use the roll-on applicator to apply scent to your pulse points. When you need to feel Bougie and smell fabulous.

Blu Agave: Lapis lazuli Crystal 

Known as one of the most precious gems ever. Its deep, royal ultramarine blue has captivated humans for thousands of years. To many cultures, it represents power, mystical wisdom, and the afterlife.

Having both physical and spiritual significance in cultures all over the world, lapis lazuli meanings are as diverse as its blue hues.

A lapis lazuli stone looks like a heavenly sky, deep and expansive with gold flecks that look like shooting stars.

Scent Notes:


Fresh cut green leaves 

Chrysanthemum petals 

Floral Patchouli 

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