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Coffee And Tumbler Gift Box

Coffee And Tumbler Gift Box

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Fulfilled by our friends at Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters

Just think about it. A delicious cup of our Downtown Blend after all that savory turkey and sweet pie, and a tumbler to return to work well-caffeinated and in style. This gift combo is so perfect that you may want to get one for yourself!

About Downtown Blend

Tasting notes: Roasted nuts, cedar, sweet herbs

Created and perfected since 2008 when we opened our first shop in Downtown Manhattan, Bean & Bean Downtown Blend coffee is a blend of beans from three continents: the soft sweetness and fruity acidity of Latin America, the elegant and gentle floral aromas of Africa, and earthy undertones of Asia. Medium-roasted, this signature House Blend has a smooth and creamy note with hints of cocoa, cedar and lemongrass. Coffee is a seasonal crop, so the beans are sourced on a rotation compliant with the seasons. But even with different coffee beans, we have mastered the art of recreating Downtown Blend’s intended flavors.

For more than 12 years the Mom and Daughter duo have been pouring their love and passion for coffee into this original and well-balanced blend. 

Taste the coffee that has been fueling New Yorkers for over a decade!

Brew it well, and brew it slow. 

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