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Cool Breeze Pet Comfort Mat: Breathable Cooling Pad With Pillow For Dogs And Cats by Dog Hugs Cat

Cool Breeze Pet Comfort Mat: Breathable Cooling Pad With Pillow For Dogs And Cats by Dog Hugs Cat

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Introducing the Cool Breeze Pet Comfort Mat, the ultimate solution for keeping your furry friends cool and comfortable all year round. Designed with their well-being in mind, this breathable cooling pad with a pillow is a must-have for dogs and cats alike. 

• Non-slip and no displacement: Say goodbye to constantly readjusting your pet's mat. Our waterproof and non-slip fabric on the back ensures that it stays in place, even during the most playful moments. No more worries about wet paws ruining the mat - it's designed to resist moisture and stay dry.

• Double fill for heavenly comfort: We understand that your pet deserves the best. That's why our Cool Breeze Mat is filled with high elastic PP cotton, creating a cloud-like experience for your furry friend. Let them indulge in pure relaxation as they sink into the plush comfort of this mat.

• "Breathing" Ice Silk Mattress: Keep your pet cool without the chill. Our innovative ice silk mattress allows for optimal air circulation, both inside and outside the mat. Experience the benefits of fast cooling and ventilation, ensuring your pet stays comfortable during hot summer days.

• It is more comfortable to sleep on the pillow: We've added a raised small pillow to the design, providing extra support for your pet's spine. Filled with high resilience cotton, it offers a soft and comfortable surface for your pet to rest their head on. Give them the ultimate sleeping experience they deserve.

Available in a variety of styles: Choose from Blue running duck, Yellow happy duck, Gray bright cat, or Sky blue ice bear. Each style adds a touch of personality to your pet's space, making it a stylish addition to any room.

The Cool Breeze Pet Comfort Mat comes in two convenient sizes: 40 * 60 cm and 60 * 80 cm, ensuring the perfect fit for your pet's needs. Whether it's for naptime or lounging around, this mat is versatile and practical.

Upgrade your pet's comfort and well-being with the Cool Breeze Pet Comfort Mat. Order now and give your furry friend the gift of cool and cozy relaxation.

Important Information
Package Size:
420 x 60 x 60 mm
620 x 80 x 80 mm
Product Category: Ice pad
Specification: 40 * 60 cm, 60 * 80 cm
Applicable:The dog
Style: Blue running duck/yellow happy duck/gray bright cat/sky blue ice bear

Packing list:
Fabric ice pad*1

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