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Nylon TPR Dental Dog Chew Ring 4"

Nylon TPR Dental Dog Chew Ring 4"

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Fulfilled by our friends at American Pet Supplies

Introducing our 4" TPR Dental Dog Chew Ring, a durable and dental-friendly toy for your canine companion. Made with tough thermoplastic rubber (TPR) and Nylon, it's designed for vigorous chewers. The ring shape and textured surface promote teeth cleaning and gum stimulation, while the 4" size suits dogs of all sizes. With its sturdy construction, this chew ring ensures long-lasting playtime and contributes to your dog's dental health.

・Durable 4" TPR Dental Dog Chew Ring for long-lasting play
・Made from tough thermoplastic rubber (TPR) to withstand vigorous chewing
・Textured surface promotes teeth cleaning and gum stimulation
・Suitable for dogs of all sizes, providing engaging playtime
・Ring shape allows for easy gripping and carrying
・Enhances dental hygiene by reducing plaque and tartar buildup
・Helps strengthen gums and maintain overall oral health
・Sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity
・Promote dental care while keeping your furry friend entertained
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