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Peru Las Damas Coffee

Peru Las Damas Coffee

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Fulfilled by our friends at Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters

Roast Level: MEDIUM
Tasting notes:
Tangerine, caramel, dark chocolate

Dive into this complex cup and drape yourself in an explosion of perfectly ripe fruit with a velvety caramel surprise. The great body and balance of this coffee is the result of the progressive Cooperativa Agraria Frontera San Ignacio (COOPAFSI). 

Established in 1969, this cooperative has been championing gender equality and prides itself on promoting 100% women powered coffee. The particular lot of Las Damas, just as its name in Spanish implies, is farmed, processed and operated exclusively by passionate women from the COOPAFSI. Fellow producers and coffee enthusiasts are convinced that the Las Damas physical and sensory quality is the result of the female members unique perspective and understanding of the coffee. 

Peru Las Damas can give a blissful amnesia to people that don’t drink black coffee. The balance and sweetness of each cup will make you leave sugar and milk for another day!

Elevation: 1500 meters
Varietals: Catimor,Caturra,Mundo Novo,Typica
Milling Process: Fully Washed
Drying Process: Drying Patio and solar dried machine
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