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Photon Skin Rejuvenation Anti-Aging Facial Therapy Device

Photon Skin Rejuvenation Anti-Aging Facial Therapy Device

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Fulfilled by our friends at VYSN

Experience the ultimate solution to all your skin concerns with our multifunctional Color Light Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Instrument. Unlock the secrets to flawless, youthful skin with its four working modes and multiple functions.

In the cleansing and rejuvenating mode, indulge in a deep clean that gently and thoroughly removes makeup dirt without harming your skin. Witness clogged pores vanishing and your complexion becoming clean and radiant.

Our light therapy rejuvenation mode offers two incredible settings. The red light mode swiftly introduces skincare essence, allowing your skin to fully absorb its nourishing properties. Watch as collagen production skyrockets, wrinkles fade away, and your skin becomes plump and smooth. Meanwhile, the blue light mode tightens pores, combats acne, and firms up loose skin, unveiling a flawless complexion that exudes confidence.

Experience the power of our warm lifting mode as it massages your skin with high frequency, resulting in tightened, lifted, and revitalized skin. Bid farewell to edema, enlarged pores, and dullness. Embrace a radiant and youthful appearance that turns heads.

Don't forget to treat your delicate eye area with our eye care mode. Enjoy the soothing warmth and gentle vibrations that relieve eye fatigue while promoting the quick absorption of your favorite eye cream. Watch as fine lines fade and dark circles become a thing of the past. Discover the true beauty of your eyes.

Not only does our beauty instrument deliver exceptional results, but it also boasts a stylish appearance and compact body. Its USB charging design allows you to enjoy a professional beauty spa experience wherever and whenever you desire.


  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Pink
  • Size: 5.055.117cm
  • Weight: 90g
  • Output Voltage: 3.7V/0.6A
  • Charging Time: 3-4 hours
  • Usage Time: 0.5-1 hour

Invest in your beauty and self-care with our multifunctional Color Light Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Instrument. Restore your skin's radiance, tackle various skin issues, and unlock the secret to flawless skin. Get ready to experience a skincare transformation that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful. Order yours today and embrace the power of true skincare innovation.

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