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Rattan + Glass Vase

Rattan + Glass Vase

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Meet the perfect home for every bouquet. This intricately crafted vase adds timelessness and texture to any space.

Artisans in rural areas of the Philippines carefully craft each piece with sustainably harvested materials. They earn fair wages, work in a safe and supportive environment, and have access to essential services, including skill development and finance training.

Glass Vase: Approximately 4.3" in diameter (opening) x 8.5” in diameter (center) x 9” tall

Rattan Holder: Approximately 7.8” in diameter x 6.3” tall

Materials: glass and ratan

With the beauty of handmade, small-batch items, we celebrate that no two pieces are exactly the same. Please note you may notice variations in size, color, and design.

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