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Squirrel Sustainable Eco Dog Chew Toy

Squirrel Sustainable Eco Dog Chew Toy

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Fulfilled by our friends at American Pet Supplies

Give your dog the joy of play with our Eco-Smart Jute Squirrel Chew Toy. This durable toy is carefully woven from natural jute fibers, ensuring a sturdy yet safe option for your canine’s chewing pleasure. Rated moderately on the chew scale, it’s perfectly suited for small to medium-sized dogs. Jute’s biodegradability makes this toy as kind to the planet as it is to your pet.

Beyond its robust nature, the toy boasts a softness ideal for snuggle times, helping to alleviate your dog's stress and prevent boredom. Every fiber speaks to our commitment to sustainability, avoiding any artificial substances for a pure, non-toxic experience.

While this toy brings endless fun to the dog world, it remains unsuitable for children.

Embrace this Jute Squirrel Dog Toy for engaging playtime and environmental peace of mind.

Size: 7.5"x6"

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