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The Aquarius Robe

The Aquarius Robe

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The Aquarius Robe | Horror Astrology Series

Vegan-friendly, this silk-alternative-based robe features elongated, Elvira-inspired sleeves & Horror Astrology artwork on the back.

Aquarius Zodiac: We chose Michael Myers to best represent Aquariuses. Much like Michael Myers, Aquariuses are known to be innovative, reserved, intelligent, and always ready to fight.

The Artwork: Enveloping the signs of our tarot-inspired horror zodiac card are the two flowers representing the two months of the zodiac. Aquarius falls between the months of January & February. The monthly flowers for these months include: Carnation, Snowdrop, Violet & Primrose. We interlaced these flowers as an extra ode to the zodiac itself.

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