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Lively Ghost

The Libra Robe

The Libra Robe

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The Libra Robe | Horror Astrology Series

Vegan-friendly, this silk-alternative-based robe features elongated, Elvira-inspired sleeves & Horror Astrology artwork on the back.

Libra Zodiac: We chose Paimon to best represent Libras. Libra's main symbol is that of the scales, so what better than to intertwine it with horror's infamous double character [Peter & Paimon] - forming the bridge between two worlds. Much like Peter/Paimon, Libras are known to be irresistible (hey, Paimon has his own cult after all) & balanced.

The Artwork: Enveloping the signs of our tarot-inspired horror zodiac card are the two flowers representing the two months of the zodiac.

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